Caesar salad with chicken 8,00€
Katariina wrap (with smoked pork fillet and fresh salad) 7,00€
Blue mussels in white wine sauce with breadcrumbs 10,00€
Solyanka 4,50€
Creamy salmon soup 6,00€
Snack selection /garlic breads, onion rings, cheese balls, dipping sauce) 6,00€
Tempura selection (chicken tempura, shrimp tempura, chili sauce) 8,00€
Grill burger 6,00€
Seafood pasta 12,00€
Crispy whitefish fillet with sauce, avocado cream and mustard potato jam 15,00€
Orange- citrus chicken with fried rice 10,00€
Grilled garlic-rosemary bacon with porridge 11,00€
Beef steak with crispy bacon and onion* 13,00€
Pepper steak* 18,00€
*Accompanied by French fries, boiled potatoes, cowboy potatoes, vegetables  
Ice cream selection 4,00€
Rhubarb-curd breadcrumbs with strawberry sauce 4,50€
Pavlova dessert 5,00€
For kids  
French fries with dipping sauce 3,00€
French fries with frankfurter 4,50€