Reservation at least 48 hours

When changing the set, 10-20% is added to the price.

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1. Opportunity 19,00 €
  Overcooked pork (onion, mayonnaise, marinade, cheese), baked potatoes, cold sauce, raw salad   
  Curd with raw jam   
  Water, bread   
2. Opportunity 21,00 €
  Creamy salmon soup                                                   
  Chicken schnitzel, cheese sauce, rice, raw salad  
  Curd shortbread with raw jam  
  Water, bread  
3. Opportunity 24,00 €
  Greek salad  
  Baked salmon with cheese and tomato, boiled potatoes, raw salad  
  Ice cream with chocolate  
  Water, bread  
4. For a vegetarian 18,00 €
  Raw salad of seasonal vegetables with vinaigrette sauce  
  Tomatoes stuffed with vegetables  
  Fruit salad with maple syrup   
  Water, bread   
  Can also be ordered  
  Coffee  0,18l cup (kannukohv) 1,30 €
  Tea 1,30 €
  Juice 0,25l glass 1,50 €
  Water 0,33l bottle 1,50 €