Below, Katariina is meant Virumaa Kinnisvaraarenduse OÜ.

Katariina protects the personal data of its customers. On that basis, these privacy terms have been prepared to govern the processing of customers’ personal data in connection with the provision of Katariina services to customers.

Upon processing the personal data of customers, Katariina is governed by applicable national and European Union legislation.

Katariina processes customers’ personal data as much as necessary and as little as possible for the purpose of providing services to individual customers.

Katariina collects customers’ personal data when contact information (including name, surname, electronic mail address, telephone number) is submitted by making a booking request via a web page or making a booking by email, telephone or other means.

Katariina will use customers’ personal data collected, when necessary, among other things,  to connect with customers (for example, to change the time of booking), to issue customer loyalty cards, to send newsletters and notices, if requested by the customer.

Katariina will not provide customers’ personal data to third parties unless the obligation to provide data arises from legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

Katariina applies organizational, physical and IT security measures to protect customers’ personal data. Katariina’s customers’ personal data are processed only by authorized persons.

By using the Katariina website, the customer agrees to the collection of depersonalized data. By transmitting his or her personal information to Katariina via the website to use Katariina services, the customer gives consent to processing his or her personal data by ticking the box “I have read the privacy terms of Katariina Guesthouse and consent to the processing of personal data”.

Please note, that this is not an online booking. The booking will only take effect after receiving the confirmation letter from the hotel Katariina to Your email. We will respond to you at the earliest opportunity.

For inquiries made for the same day, please call the hotel administrator at +372 3223943

Please contact us at info@katariina.eeif you have any questions or concerns regarding these privacy terms or processing of customer’s personal data.